Who are we


My passion for the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog began while watching an episode
of the programme ‘Breed all about it’ on Animal Planet.

I was instantly impressed by these big, robust dogs.

It was my first encounter with this breed.

The internet proved to be a great source of information.

To admire them in real life,  I went to the Winner-show in Amsterdam.

There I came in contact with Margrit Burri of kennel Von der Dorfquelle.

She was at the show with her champion dog Hanibald von der Point.

After seeing him I knew for certain: the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog was the breed for me.


A year later I had the opportunity to move to the country.

From that moment on I started looking for a Swissy of my own.

In September 2004 my dog Dogan, a male pup,  arrived from Belgium.

One and a half years later, in December 2005, I got  ´Bindi´ Gwendolin,
a gorgeous female pup, from Switzerland.  


´Bindi´ Gwendolin is the start of my own breeding programme.

The objective of my breeding programme is to produce healthy, good-natured dogs that are as
close to the standard as possible.

As a hobbyist breeder, my kennel will remain small-scaled with a litter every now and then.

This way I can keep a close eye on health and quality and give my full attention to the puppies.


My dogs are tested on HD, ED, OCD and eye faults. They also take a character test.

Yvonne Schoeber