If all goes well, we will plan our next litter during the summer of 2019.
A puppy " van de Dovondolin "

Yvonne Schoeber

photo: Maud Velders

In case you are interested in a Dovondolin-puppy, you can always email me.
If possible a visit to us prior to the puppies are born is very wished for.


A few points from what you can expect from a Dovondolin-puppy:


-         The puppies are born in our livingroom and this is their main livingarea.
  Weather permitting, the puppies also go outside where they have their own playingground.

-         from birth the puppies are held by us a few times a day so they are used to human contact

-         the puppies are weaned off to raw food, if wished by the new owner, we can feed the puppy some kibble
  during the last week of the puppies stay with us 

-         the puppies wil take a ride in the car

-         the puppies will visit different surroundings

-         the puppies will be made familiar with different kind of sounds

-         the puppies will be chipped by an employee from our national Kennel Club

-         the puppies will have a pedigree and DNA-profile

-         the puppies will be checked by a vet, will be dewormed, have their first shot and will receive a petspassport 

-         the new puppyowners will receive an informationpackage

-         the puppies can go home with their new owners around the age of 9 weeks.