The mating 

A few weeks ago, Molly went on a roadtrip. It took her to Eastern-Germany, in the Erfurt-area.

Once arrived at the destination, she met a very nice boy...Rammstein from Swiss Star.

HD-A, ED-Free, OCD-Free, Eyes All Clear
Charactertest A
Ducth & Luxembourg Youthchampion
Youthwinner '10
Ducth & Luxembourg Champion

Yvonne Schoeber

HD-A, ED-Free, OCD-Free, Eyes All Clear
German (SSV & VDH) & Luxembourg Champion
Luckily they quite liked eachother :)
4 weeks later...

An ultrasound confirmed that Molly is pregnant.
The signs were so clear that I had no doubt she was, but it's always nice to see it confirmed :-)
Molly is expecting her puppies in July.

5 weeks pregnant...

Molly is doing great, eats well, grows well and still loves to take a good run around the garden!
6 weeks pregnant...

I've started to give Molly more portions of food a day and smaller portions as I noticed she was uncomfortable with the larger portions.
Apart from that she's doing great.