Happy New Year
We wish you all a good and happy 2019!
In 2019 we will be planning a next litter, but it will not be untill somewhere in the summer.

Puppies expected
Flo is expecting puppies, due mid March.
For more information, please send an email to dovondolin@gmail.com

On the 6th of december 2017 we sadly had to say goodbye to our 'Bindi' Gwendolin Cover Girl von der Dorfquelle. At the age of 12 years and 2 months she let us know it was time. Sad but most of all so grateful that we had her in our lives for such a long time.
We are very grateful for all that she has meant to us and what she has given us.
Rest in peace sweety.....

Worked on the website today :)
Boes her page is completed now, the intropage shows our latest familymember and just some small things changed, also the puppypage ;)

Finally some time again to update the website!
I will try to update the website little by little in the coming time.
I've started by giving our F-puppies their own page, check the 'litters' page.

Update website:
- Pagina dekreuen: Paco's showuitslagen toegevoegd
- Pagina nesten: E-nest pagina aangemaakt

- new page: "Studdogs"
- page "Our dogs" updated
- new photo on intropage: "Paco" Bonanza the Boss van de Dovondolin

More updating to be done soon!

Photo update D-litter
New photos have been added to all D-litter albums.
New photo on intropage: boy black at 15 days.

D-litter update
The puppies are almost 2 weeks old and all eyes are open.
They try to walk on 4 paws, still a bit wobly, but they are getting there.

All photoalbums of D-litter have been updated and the first movieclip has been added to the D-litter page.

Puppy-news.....D-litter :-)
On Monday 09-07-2012 Molly gave birth to 9 puppies, 6 boys and 3 girls.
Mom and babies are doing great and ofcourse we hope to keep it that way.
The D-litter already has it's own page.
See "Litters"-----> D-Litter

(all puppies are spoken for)

Showresults & Puppydiary
The puppydiary is online!
Find it on page "Puppies"

The last 2 weekends we attended dogshows.
Last weekend we went to the Belgium Clubshow for Swiss Mountaindogs. Manu got a 2 Excellent in Open Class and Nona a 1 Very Promising in Puppy Class and later in the Ring of Honor she even became Best In Show Puppy!
Also "Aiko" Apollo Gentle Guy van de Dovondolin was present and got a 1 Excellent in Championclass and was BOB.
Great results for the Dovondolin-dogs!

Today we were at the CAC-CACIB show in Uden. Nona got a Promising and "Paco" Bonanza the Boss got a 1 Excellent in Open Class and was 2nd Best Male with a res.CAC-res.CACIB.
"Aiko" Apollo Gentle Guy van de Dovondolin got a 1 Excellent in Championclass and was BOB.
In the Ring of Honor Aiko got a 4th place in Breedgroup 2!!

The results of Manu and Nona are added to their showresultspage.

- Puppypage is renewed.
   Molly is pregnant and is expecting her litter in July.
   And if all goes well, also Bindi will have a litter in the summer.
- Photos have been added to Nona's photoalbum (see "our dogs")

Showresult Molly
At 05-02-2012 Molly participated at theCAC-CACIB dogshow in Eindhoven.
She got a 1 Excellent, CAC-CACIB and with this result Molly became Dutch Champion!

Website update
The C-litter page is finished.
Click on "Litters" and then on "C-litter".

Movieclips C-litter
I have uploaded 2 movieclips to my YouTube-channel.
- Bindi meets her Grandkids
- C-litter 2,5 weeks old
Click on page Photoalbum and Videos to find my YouTube-channel.
A link has also been placed in my puppydiary (see page Puppies).

Charactertest 13-11-2011
Yesterday 3 Dovondolin-Swissies were present at the charactertest.
On that day the dog is judged on temperament and also judged by a breedspecialist-dogshowjudge.
For temperament a dog can receive an A, B or C (with a C they advise not to breed with the dog).
The result were very satisfying:
- Alpha Swiss Pride van de Dovondolin "Odie"  : temperament B and judged with Excellent
- Alive and Kicking van de Dovondolin "Kuus"   : temperament A and judged with Excellent
- Boudhanath Lotus van de Dovondolin "Anouk": temperament A and judged with Very Good
So all 3 have passed with nice results! :-)
From left to right: Odie, Kuus and Anouk

Update Puppydiary
Update in Puppydiary.
Click on page Puppies.

Update Puppydiary
Update in puppydiary.
See page "puppies".

Update Puppydiary
Update in Puppydiary.
Click on page "Puppies".

Update puppydiary
Short update in puppydiary, see page "puppies".

Update puppydiary
Short update in puppydiary, see page "Puppies".

The puppydiary is open!!
For al the latest news....click on "Puppies" in the menu on the left.

Updates on pages:
- showresults Molly (last 3 showresults have been added)
- under page Litters, page B-litter is finished
- on page About the Swissy a new small piece has been added about the Swissies and kids, incl. a video of "Aiko" Apollo Gentle Guy van de Dovondolin with his best buddy Jori. Video has been placed with permission of the owner.

Update and changes
Update on page:
- showresults Molly ánd Manu
- courses
- puppypage
A new pagebutton has been added to the menu: Litters.
On this page each litter can be viewed seperately by clicking on a litter-button.
At this moment B-litter page is still under construction.
Some more changes will follow.

There are a few updates:
- new photo on intropage: Bonanza the Boss van de Dovondolin, 20 months old
- small update on puppypage
- on Molly's showresultspage 3 new results (Rheinberg, Groningen and Luxembourg)
- Manu and Molly both have done all healthtests and charactertest: results are on their own page
- new standingphoto on page Manu and Molly, both photos are made by Maud Velders
- new photos in albums: Manu, Molly and B-litter Bonanza the Boss "Paco"

Showresults Molly
After a succesfull 2010 with 3 Youthtitles for Molly, she continues to do well in 2011.
The first 2 shows are already behind us. On both shows she got an Excellent, 1 x BOB and 1 time second best bitch.
Showresults are added to Molly's page.

New photo on intropage: "Kuus" Alive & Kicking van de Dovondolin
Photo: Maud Velders
On page "Our dogs" Molly has a new photoalbum: Molly's showphoto's.

Showresults Molly
Molly and I have visited the shows in Kortrijk and Amsterdam. At both shows she received an Excellent.
At the show in Amsterdam she received the title: Youthwinner '10.
Results have been added to her showresultspage.

New picture intropage
Maud Velders made this beautiful picture of my 3 dogs.
Thanks again!

Showresult Molly and eyetest Manu
Last sunday Molly and I went to the dogshow in Bleiswijk. Molly got a Very Good. Her result has been added to her showresultspage.
Today Manu has had an official eyetest. She has been diagnosed "all clear", ofcourse we are very happy about that :-)

Showresult Molly
Today we went to the show in Leuven....and again Molly got an Excellent :-)
Result has been added to her showresults.

A good Dovondolin day in Utrecht
At 24-10-2010 Molly and I went to the CAC-CACIB show in Utrecht.
Molly got good results: Excellent, Youth-CAC and res-CAC. With this 3rd Youth-CAC she's now Dutch Youthchampion.
Apollo Gentle Guy van de Dovondolin "Aiko" was also present and like his halfsister he did well: Excellent, CAC-CACIB and BOB. With this CACIB he's now International Champion.
Later on the day he even became 5th in Breedgroup 2 in the Ring of Honour!
Congratulations to Gust and Anita on these great results.

New photo on intropage
On the photo: our Manu 2,5 years old.

Showresult Molly
At the CAC-CACIB show Zwolle, Molly received an Excellent, Youth-CAC and CAC.
This result has been added to Molly's showresults.

Showresult Molly
At the CAC-CACIB show in Maastricht, Molly received a 1 Excellent, Youth-CAC and res-CAC.
This result has been added to Molly's showresults.

"Aiko" Apollo Gentle Guy van de Dovondolin and our Molly have done well at the recent shows.
Molly has won a Group 2 and BIS 8 and the Luxembourg Youthchampion-title at her first shows in Youthclass.
Aiko has made his list with titles a bit longer and could add: Belgium, Dutch and Luxembourg Champion.
A place on the intropage of this website is well deserved :-)
A huge congratulations to his owners Gust en Anita Casteels!

On page:
- courses
- our dogs: about Manu
- our dogs: about Molly
- our dogs: Molly's showresults

Photo Update
On the intropage: Bindi in Denemark, jun 2010.
New photos in photo album:
- Molly
- Bonanza the Boss van de Dovondolin
- Blossom Rose van de Dovondolin
- Bindis Bathsheda van de Dovondolin
- Boudhanath Lotus van de Dovondolin 

New photo on intropage
On the photo is Blossom Rose van de Dovondolin "Balou" 9 months old.

Shownews & Update
Yesterday we visited the Belgium Clubmatch for Sennenhunden with our Molly.
Apollo Gentle Guy van de Dovondolin "Aiko" was also present.
Molly received a Very Promising and became 2nd Best in Show-Puppy.
Aiko became Best Male, Best of Breed, 2nd Best in Show and together with his friend Amber Best in Show in Braceclass.
A big congratulations to his owners Gust & Anita Casteels!!
New page under "Our dogs" -> Molly -> Showresults.  She has now done 4 shows, so that deserves a page of its own ;)
New photos in photoalbum:
- Bindi
- Manu
- Molly
- A-litter -> Alive & Kicking van de Dovondolin "Kuus"
- B-litter -> Bonanza The Boss van de Dovondolin "Paco"
- B-litter -> Blossom Rose van de Dovondolin "Balou"
- B-litter -> Bindis Bathsheda van de Dovondolin "Rani"

Page "our dogs" has had an update.
New page about Molly.
New links on "links" page.
New photo in photoalbum: A-litter -> Alpha Swiss Pride van de Dovondolin "Odie"
New photos in photoalbum: A-litter -> Apollo Gentle Guy van de Dovondolin "Aiko"

Successfull showyear
The year 2009 has been a successfull showyear.
Our Bindi has done 3 shows. At 2 she became BOB, she became Best Bitch at the Swissy-clubshow and she became Luxembourg and International Champion.
Manu also has done 3 shows. At all 3 of them she was placed first. And at the Swissy-clubshow she even became Best Great Swiss Mountaindog-Youthdog.
"Aiko" Apollo Gentle Guy van de Dovondolin has done quite a few shows this year.
In 2009 he received the titles: Dutch, Luxembourg and German Youthchampion.
He also received: 14 x CAC, 5 x CACIB, 7 x BOB, 6 x BOS and even 1 x BIS (Best in Show).
We want to congratulate Aiko's owners, Gust and Anita Casteels, with these great results!!
Aiko, December 2009

New photos
New photos have been added to albums:
- A-litter / Alpha Swiss Pride "Odie"
- A-litter / Aragorn Strider "Aicko"
- Show-photos Dovondolindogs / Apollo "Aiko" show LG Westfalen
- B-litter / Bonanza The Boss "Paco"
- B-litter / Blossom Rose "Balou"
- B-litter / Bindis Bathsheda "Rani"
- B-litter / Boudhanath Lotus "Anouk"
- B-litter / new album "B-Litter group photos 3 months and older"
- Our dogs / new album "Molly"
Photo on intropage: Apollo Gentle Guy vd Dovondolin "Aiko" at the age of 6 months.

New video: pups 9 weeks old. See page "Photoalbum & Videos"
New photo on intropage: Bonanza The Boss van de Dovondolin "Paco"

Page "Photoalbum & Videos" is renewed.
Update in our puppy-diary.
In each B-litter puppyalbum a photo has been added.

Clubmatch KC Canida
Yesterday I went to the clubmatch from our dogclub KC Canida with Manu. She was judged by the Belgium judge Mr. de Wilde and she received an Excellent. Because she was the only Swissy, the BOB-ribbon was hers ;)
The result is placed on Manu's showresults-page.

It is possible again to add photos in my online photoalbum and so I did.
There are new photos in the A-litter-album of:
- Alpha Swiss Pride
- Apollo Gentle Guy
- Alive & Kicking
and I have made a new album: A-Litter Group-photos 3 months and older.
In every album of our B-litter are new photos and I have made a new album: Visit Maud 19-08-2009.
There is also an update in our puppy-diary.

On YouTube I have made an own videochannel where videos of the dogs will be placed.
The first video is made by Lot vd Vorst: Bindi's B-litter at 5 weeks.
You can find my videochannel on page "photoalbum & videos".
Enjoy watching the videos!

....in our puppy-diary.
New photo on the intropage. Photo is made by Maud Velders.
Because my online photoalbum doesn't allow me to add new photos, I have to look for a new photoalbum to put in all the new photos. I hope I will have this done very soon.

....in our puppy-diary.
New photo's on the introppage. Both photo's is female 1 from our B-litter.

....in our puppy-diary.
New photos in the photo album of our B-litter (look on page B-litter).

....in our puppy-diary.

Update B-litter page
On our B-litter page some new pagebuttons have been placed:
- photo album B-litter
- photos Edward
- breedrapport Edward
New photos of the puppies will be added in the photo album.

Our B-litter page has been renewed.

B-litter !! :-)
On the 24th & 25th of July the puppies have been born!!
There's a new page for our B-litter but all the news about the puppies can be found in our puppy-diary.

....in our puppy-diary.

....in our puppy-diary.

....in our puppy-diary.

.....in our puppy-diary.

YoungDogsDay KC Canida
Today I went to the YoungDogsDay with our Manu. This was organised by the club where I also do the courses with Manu.
All dogs of all breeds could compete in classes: Baby, Puppy, Youth or Young Dog. The breeds were all together, so no judging on breed or group.
The dogs were judged by an official judge and all dogs received a rapport.
The best dog of every class was invited to run for Best Dog of the Day.
Manu was in the ring with 6 other breeds/dogs in Youthclass.
And she did well, because she was placed 1st in her class :) :)
After running a number of rounds for Best Dog of the Day, Manu's friend from Showtraining was chosen first, the Beagle Jewel.
But once again we were proud of our little girl :)
And this was not all for this week....last Thursday Manu has received her certificate for her 3rd obediencecourse. After the summer we will start a new obediencecourse.

Puppy news

Update in Puppy Diary.

Last weekend "Aiko" Apollo Gentle Guy van de Dovondolin has participated in the dogshow in Erfurt, Germany. On Saturday the CAC-show and on Sunday the CAC-CACIB-show.
Both days were very succesfull.
Saturday 13-06-2009 (20 Swissies)
Youthclass dogs: 1 Very Good, Youth-CAC and.......BOB (Best of Breed)!
With this Youth-CAC he received his last point for his title German Youthchampion.
In the ring of honour for youthdogs he was chosen with the best 7 dogs.
Sunday 14-06-2009 (14 Swissies)
Youthclass dogs: 1 Very Good, Youth-CAC and again......BOB!!
Gust and Anita, congratulations with these great results!

.....in the puppy-diary.

Puppy news :)
Last weekend, 22 & 23 May 2009, our Bindi was mated to the male Edward Pali Lookout.
For more information see our Puppies-page.
On the Puppies-page you can find our new page: Puppy-diary.

Great Swiss Mountaindog Clubmatch 2009
On 17-05-2009 the Dutch Clubmatch for Appenzeller and Great Swiss Mountaindogs was held.
It was a succesful day for us.
Manu was in youthclass together with 5 other bitches and became 1st with an Excellent. Later she needed to run against her brother Aiko (Apollo Gentle Guy vd Dovondolin) for best Swissy Youthdog which she also won. Not bad for her first show :)
Our Bindi was in Championclass with 1 other bitch and also Bindi became 1st with an Excellent and later she was even chosen to become Best Bitch.
So both ladies have done very well :)
Manu was a bit tired after such a long day!
Our Bindi.
Aiko (Apollo Gentle Guy vd Dovondolin) became 1st with an Excellent in Dog Youthclass.
photos: Maud Velders

Dogshow Luxembourg
Yesterday we went to the dogshow in Luxembourg and not without succes....
Bindi got a 1 Excellent, CACL-CACIB, Best Bitch, BOB, Luxembourg Champion and with this CACIB-point she has also earned the title International Champion.
Bindi's son Apollo also got a 1 Excellent and with this result he became Luxembourg Youthchampion.
In Braceclass he also did well together with Amber vom Försterrain, they earned a 2nd place out of more than 30 couples.
Congratulations Gust and Anita!!

We are online!!!


Yvonne Schoeber