The Greater Swiss Mountaindog

The Greater Swiss Mountaindog is:

   - intelligent
   - calm
   - well-balanced
   - good-natured
   - watchful
   - a bit headstrong
   - selfassured
   - big

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is of old a working dog.
Because of this, he is at his best when he has some space around him. 

The future-owner has to stand firm and give the dog an honest and consistent upbringing.

This way he/she will reap the benefits and fully enjoy this beautiful breed. 

The Great Swiss Mountaindog and kids

Generally Swissies and kids go along just fine.
But like with all breeds, you don't allow your Swissy to be alone with your kids.
When friends come over to play with your kids, keep an eye in sight as the Swissy will take your kids side in case they are bullied by others.

Also keep in mind that a Swissy is big and heavy in no time and does not always have the most gallant movements: kids are easily knocked over by these dogs.

But when you train your dog properly and also train your kids how to behave around a dog: Swissies and kids will be best buddies :)

Visiting young girl Nina and Bindi.